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Laura was born and raised in New York where she began to take an interest in food at the early age of 10, when she began cooking for her family because her mother worked late hours. Although cooking was her hobby, she focused on art in college.


At 22 years old, Laura relocated to Florida, where she taught art. A cameraman who noticed her talent with food motivated Laura to pursue becoming a professional food stylist by introducing her to a well-known food stylist who needed an assistant. She first worked for different local food clients such as Publix and Winn Dixie supermarkets.






Laura's knowledge and enthusiasm for food styling and her unique background in art soon brought her many local and national clients.


In addition to food styling, Laura also applies her culinary skills to developing recipes and food products for various companies. She has extensive experience with every type of food under all kinds of conditions. She can perform her magic equally well on fish in a hot, steamy Florida jungle, potato chips on a windy beach or chocolate in a well equipped studio kitchen. Laura graduated from Buffalo State College with a bachelor degree in art education and earned a master’s degree from Nova South Eastern University.

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